Chris has worked in 3D Animation and Visual Effects post production for more than 12 years. He has been working in Maya for 10 years since its release, and before that used Alias Power Animator and Electric Image. He is also experienced in using After Effects, Shake, Photoshop and Final Cut Pro.

He owns and uses a RED One Digital Cinema Camera.


Born in the wilds of rural Sussex, Chris spent most of his childhood drawing and painting, taking photographs and shooting Super 8mm film with his father’s camera.

At school he excelled in Art, English, Maths and Computer Studies, but recklessly abandoned the latter three subjects to study for a Foundation Diploma in Art & Design, followed by a Degree BA Hons in Fine Art Painting & Film and Television.

Always fascinated in technology and its potential, Chris rediscovered his fascination with computer graphics whilst studying for his degree, and taught himself 3D Animation whilst shooting and lighting student films with an old 16mm Arri BL.

He is most well known for creating the Digital Effects for the BBC TV series Red Dwarf Series 7-8.

Chris currently lives and works in London, UK.